"No More Orders, Co..."

Now that Starfleet has promoted many of us to Vice Admiral, do you feel like you have more control and influence within the fleet?  Are you deciding where your missions will be, or are you still following your contacts at Starfleet for leads?  Have you ever initiated your own missions?  Are you contributing to the war effort?  Are you participating in diplomatic talks with current enemies in the hopes of peace?  What are you focused on????? Inquiring Cardassians want to know.

Off-Duty Uniform...What Say You?

Admiral T'nae Will Pay

Let's help this poor fellow...
To: United Federation of Planets, Office of Personnel

I am writing to inform you of a disturbing situation. Myself and several other starfleet Captains have observed a Vulcan Engineering Officer on Starbase 39 Sierra who appears to be emotionally distressed. He has been observed banging on a bank console in the rear of the starbase.

This Vulcan clearly needs help. It's been speculated that this may be the time of his pon farr. However, there are several possibilities.

Admiral T'nae and her crew seem to be completely ignorant of this problem and seem to be refusing to help this officer. How humiliating it must be for a Vulcan to publicly display so much emotion. Yet, his crewmates have been unwilling to offer him assistance.

I believe Admiral T'nae to be neglecting the officers under her command. I demand a full investigation into her policies aboard starbase 39. I also demand a private medical escort vessel to transport this man to Vulcan for immediate medical attention.

Vice Admiral Celendiel

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