Vice Admiral Celendiel
U.S.S. Frost, NX 94701
Intrepid Refit Prototype

Celendiel's parents are unknown. She is a Dominion War Orphan. Her parents were most likely killed on Cardassia Prime during the final battle. Many Cardassians and Bajorans mated during and after the occupation of Bajor. Her parent's story was never discovered. Celendiel senses that her parents genuinely loved each other. She feels capable of that same love, and perhaps one day will find someone to share her life with. 

One of the starfleet survey teams found her, and she was given over to the federation, who found her a foster home. Celendiel suspects that she was more accepted on Earth than she would have been on Bajor or Cardassia. Aside from the occasional teasing and bullying from her school mates, Celendiel grew up in a rather typical, healthy federation environment. 

As she grew up, she became more and more grateful for her foster parents and the Federation. She realized that the Federation gave her a new, comfortable life when her life could have been much different and difficult elsewhere. She had an amazing talent for science and as she looked back on her life, she felt obligated to enter starfleet, perhaps to repay the charity she was shown. 

Celendiel excelled in science at the academy and was very proud to graduate. Before starting her career, she spent a few more years training in a medical specialization. She was then posted on a few assignments as an ensign. She served as a science officer, but the war allowed her to practice medicine more and more frequently. She often filled in as an emergency medic on various away teams, and often doubled as a medical/science officer due to personnel shortages.

After saving the USS-Khitomer duirng a borg attack, she returned to her ship to find that her command crew had been assimilated. She was the ranking officer now. That day would forever change her life. She led her ship into combat several times during that engagement. Due to command shortages and wartime necessities, she was given command of her own ship by Admiral Quinn. 

She has led a militaristic career since then, engaging the Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire, Cardassia's "True Way" rebellion, Borg, and Breen. She does not like the prospect of war, but will fight for the federation at all costs. A skilled diplomat, she prefers peaceful solutions to aggressive offensives. Currently sent to Defari as a starfleet Ambassador of peace, she is currently engaged in rescue operations of Deferi civilians against the Breen. It is her hope that one day she will help to create peace between the Breen and Defari. This is her current motivation. A tribute to the peace now shared between Cardassia and Bajor. A peace within her own soul she is willing to share with these two races. This is her purpose.